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Sustainable Projects

Mental Health, Arts & Culture

We created the annual arts and culture festival, Vancouver Halloween Parade and Expo, and offer art therapy workshops to provide healing for people with mental problems. The festival attracts 100,000+ visitors to Downtown Vancouver every year.

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Medical Health

We are developing sustainable medicines and encourage investors to join us.

Agriculture & Healthy Food

Unlike traditional hybrid rice that needs to be planted every year, Super Wild Rice is a perennial plant. Setting young seedlings is only needed once at the beginning and no more after. It saves labour and does not require weeding or chemical fertilizer.

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Physical Health & Sports

Poppy Run was a long distance cross country running event completed in 2013.

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Human and Artificial Intelligence Relationship

A healthy relationship between human and artificial intelligence is not to replace each other but to cooperate with each other to deliver high performance and reduce cost. We created such a cooperative system,, to power all our large scale projects and achieve high efficiency.

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United Nations Meetings

As an organization in consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council, we participate in United Nations meetings and forums.

We provide resources to support sustainable projects. To have your sustainable projects considered, please submit your proposal.

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Donation & Sponsorship

To support our sustainable projects as investors, donors or sponsors, please contact us

About Us


Founded in 2011, International Health Council is a non-profit, non-governmental and social service organization based in Vancouver, BC, Canada


To ensure the provision of resources and information to who strive for achieving physical health, mental health, social health and population health via sustainable improvement.


We provide a wide range of resources (e.g. management, equipments, therapies, workshops) and sustainable projects (e.g. medical, sports, arts & culture, agriculture projects) to fulfil our mission.

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