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Prizing and Awards

Participants have 30 days to claim any prizes. Please send an email to [email protected] with your mailing address, age category and place you came in and your prize will be mailed out to you.

Open Men & Women Awards
1st Men: $200 gift (free dinner and Canucks game) Women: $200 gift (free dinner and Canucks game)
2nd Open: $100 gift
3rd Open: $50 gift
Last Open: Yes, we have a special gift for the last runner! We appreciate everyone's participation.

Awards Policy

Results will be reviewed for one week following the event. During this seven days athletes are able to lodge a formal, written protest to the race director for review. After the week, results will be finalized and prizing cheques issued. Prize cheques will no longer be distributed on event day; letters of congratulations will be issued day of race.

Appeals of Race Results

Full results for each race will be posted on our website shortly after the last runner crosses the Finish line. Participants will have until 12 noon local time on the Monday following each race to appeal any result. This must be done in writing to [email protected].

Final, official results will then be posted by 5pm local time on the Wednesday following [2 days later]. At that time, all results will be Official and FINAL.

Appeals of Series Standings

Updated Poppy Run points Standings will then be posted on the Thursday following the race and announcement of Final Results, by noon. Individuals will then have 7 days to appeal any Points Standings, in writing, to [email protected], after which time Points Standings will become Official and FINAL.